Information for GP’s & Specialists

We enjoy working with a large number of GP’s and ENT’s across the Central Coast and we are always pleased to offer our services for your patients. We offer pure tone air and bone conduction testing, speech assessments, impedance testing including reflex, information on tinnitus, swim plugs and hearing aid services.

If you are considering referring any patients for testing, please ensure their ear canals are clear of occluding wax. If you do decide to refer a patient, we have provided a convenient referral pad so that you can indicate what type of testing is required. If you do not have a referral pad, simply download the form HERE or phone 43 234141 and we will send one to you. After testing your patient, we will report back to you with test results for your patient records.

If they are a pensioner or DVA Cardholder, your patient may be eligible to receive free hearing services. We are accredited with the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services (OHS) to provide services. If required, we can provide your patient with an application form for your signature and, if required, will assist them through the process.

Telex Hearing Care has been operating on the Central Coast for over 30 years and we offer a wealth of experience and a trusted service you can rely on. We are a locally owned and operated family business providing the best quality hearing care for all of our clients. We look after thousands of people across the Central Coast, and are passionate about helping people with hearing loss.


DVA Card holders and Pension Concession Card holders – FREE hearing care services

As part of the Department of Health and Ageing, the Office of Hearing Services (OHS) offers free rehabilitation services to eligible pensioners and veterans. If you hold a BLUE CentreLink Concession card, Gold Card or White Card (hearing specific), you are able to apply to OHS for a voucher. In some cases, Veterans may also benefit from additional equipment and we can advise you about whether this may be helpful to you.

Please contact us for information on how to apply for a voucher and we will help you through the process of obtaining medical clearance so that you can proceed.


Tips for Using Your Hearing Device

  1. One of the most important tips we can offer you, is to wear your hearing device/s as much as possible. Consistent use is the key to getting the most out of your hearing aids.
  2. If you have two hearing devices, it will save time if you change both batteries at the same time.
  3. When adjusting volume, only make as much adjustment as is required for the situation.
  4. If you are regularly experiencing feedback (whistle) from the device, check that the device is correctly fitted in the canal and have your ears checked for wax next time you are at the GP.
  5. Get into the habit of checking over and cleaning your hearing aid after every use, this will give you the best chance of a problem free experience.
  6. If you are experiencing any difficulties after a number of weeks of consistent use, you should book an appointment to see one of our practitioners. There is often a solution or at least an explanation for most things.


Tips for Caring for your Hearing Device

  1. Clean your hearing aids each time you remove them.
  2. Ensure that you have switched the device off, once its removed from the ear.
  3. If you have a behind the ear device, check for moisture in the elbow of the tubing – this can sometimes cause the device to appear to be intermittent.
  4. Check filters are clean.
  5. Check microphones are clear and open.
  6. Use a satchel of desiccant gel to absorb moisture when the device is not in use.
  7. Once you have removed the battery tab, wait about 30 sec before you put it in your device – you will notice a better battery life.
  8. If you need to lubricate your ear, use a water based gel like KY jelly or a solution like Sorbeline. This will avoid residue building up and potentially getting into the ear canals.
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