How Testing is Done

Allow between half to one hour for an appointment with one of our hearing care professionals.

You will be asked a number of clinical questions about your hearing and what areas of life you are experiencing difficulties.

Your hearing will be tested in a sound booth to ensure the most accurate results. The test will involve listening and responding to sounds of varying pitch to determine the softest sounds that you can hear. This will help us find your hearing threshold so that we can determine if there is a loss, the degree of any loss and the type. In addition to pure tones, the assessment may also include a speech test to determine your ability to discriminate the sounds of words without visual cues.

Our practitioners can provide your doctor with test results if needed and advise you on whether hearing aids would be helpful in improving your hearing. Be assured that our staff will not tell you that you need hearing aids if we do not think you would benefit from them. If you decide to proceed with hearing aids, we will go through all your options and discuss what device would be best suited to your clinic needs, lifestyle requirements and budget. If you are eligible to receive Government assistance with the devices, we will explain your entitlements and assist you with the application process.

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