Prevention is better than Cure

Some causes of hearing loss can be prevented. The most common of these is noise exposure. Limiting your exposure to noise or using protective equipment when you are exposed to noise is a great start. It is important as adults that we teach our children to value their hearing and to take care that they don’t listen to music and other sources of noise that is too loud. It’s important that they understand that permanent damage can occur if they are not careful. If someone experiences a temporary shift in their hearing or develops a ringing or buzzing sound (Tinnitus) in the ear/s, it is a warning that you may have been over-exposed. In most situations the tinnitus will diminish over the next few days, but there have been many cases where the tinnitus continued.

It is good to have your ears checked periodically by your local Doctor, Audiologist or Audiometrist to ensure there is no build-up of wax. In extreme cases it may lead to infection.

Sinus problems, allergies, and colds can lead to ear problems, especially in children. Monitoring is recommended so that early intervention is possible.

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