A Range of Options Available


Medical Treatment

The testing at Telex will help identify the type of hearing loss and whether medical opinion is required. If the hearing loss is a mixed or conductive loss it will require medical opinion first. Very often, ENT review (Ear Noise and Throat Surgeon) may be needed and so your GP will refer you to someone. In some cases referral is also required for a sensorineural loss.



Amplification is often a very important part of the rehabilitation process, particularly if there is no medical solution to the problem. Telex will help guide you through the process of choice, training and care of the devices, what to expect from them and how to get the most out of them. However, hearing aids are not the only form of amplification and in some cases it is more beneficial to use an assistive listening device (ALD’s). These come in many different forms including TV listening systems, Amplified phones, FM and Bluetooth systems for streaming audio.


Hearing Tactics

This area of treatment to assist with communication includes, among others, lip reading (speech reading), assertive listening techniques, questioning techniques and admission techniques. It is important that clients learn some basics in this area. It is also very beneficial to have the important people in your life aware of these strategies to improve communication. Having others understand and help explain to the rest of the family how to more effectively communicate with you, can be enormously helpful and can help reduce any tension that arises through lack of understanding.


Implantable and Semi-implantable hearing devices

This category of hearing device is reserved for either very severe or profound hearing losses where conventional amplification is no longer helpful. In this case a Cochlea Implant may be considered. There are specialist clinics that deal with this category of client and if someone is identified as being in this category they will be referred onto the appropriate place. Additionally, BAHA or Bone Anchored Hearing Aids are sometimes used for people with unilateral hearing loss (Hearing loss in one ear) or for people with conductive or severe mixed hearing loss. Again we can advise on this and refer where needed.


Do Nothing

For some people this is the preferred method of treatment! While we don’t recommend this option, we also understand that for some people it comes as a shock. It is not unusual for it to take some time to absorb such information. We understand these feelings, and can help you through this stage until you are ready for the next step.

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