Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I hear some things really well and yet conversation is hard to understand?

This is not an easy question to answer, but it is a common one. Hearing an ambient noise such as tap drip or a door close requires only that you recognise what the sound is. However, it isn’t enough to simply hear speech, your brain must piece together the information it hears and turn it into something that you understand, that makes sense to you. Unfortunately, when we start to lose our hearing, we lose the ability to hear some sounds more than others. Speech spreads across a large range of sounds of varying pitch and volume. When we lose the ability to hear certain sounds, particularly the high frequencies, we lose the ability to identify the fine detail of speech. That is, we hear the person talking but don’t hear enough detail to understand what they are saying.

Why do I hear a ringing or buzzing sound in my ears?

This sound is referred to as tinnitus – it is an inter-aural noise (Internal head) that is usually only audible to the sufferer. It is not uncommon for your GP to refer you for a hearing test. While tinnitus is very common, it may be an indication of an underlying pathology and your Doctor may wish to rule out any serious issues. If a person suffers bothersome tinnitus, hearing aids or a masking device may be of benefit. If the tinnitus is highly intrusive and causing distress, we can refer you to a specialised clinic for further professional help. If tinnitus suddenly starts, you should always report this to your GP for advice.

Do I need two hearing aids or only one?

That depends on the type of hearing loss and any physical factors that may need to be considered. Provided there is no contraindication, we would normally recommend a device for each ear. Remember you were born with two ears and our brain processes better this way. We would always suggest a client use two less expensive hearing aids than one expensive one. Completing a trial will often help a client answer this question without the pressure of financial commitment.

What is the typical cost of hearing instruments?

Hearing aids, like many products, have a broad range of cost. It is also dependant on whether you are eligible for assistance from the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. Eligible clients can receive FREE hearing aids or be offered top up options that range all the way up to to $3295 depending on their budget and communication goals. If you are not a pensioner or DVA cardholder and not eligible for free hearing aids, then private hearing aids generally range from $1,295, through to $4300 each for premium models.

But don’t worry; we are not a business that engages in high pressure sales. We will help you to decide on what is the most sensible type of device based on the clinical needs, lifestyle and communication goals and budget. We also offer a trial so you get to “test-drive” the device for a few weeks (a small security deposit is required during the trial).

Do I need a referral to see Telex?

It is not uncommon to be referred by your GP or ENT, however it is not needed. You can just call our friendly staff to arrange an appointment.

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